Hair Care Instructions

How to Get the Best Use of Your Extensions

Here at GirlsndCurls we want to ensure that you get the best use out of our products. Here you will find all of our friendly reminders and useful tips. It is important to remember that your extensions are made of human hair, therefore it must be treated as such. Just as the hair on your head has to be maintained so does your human hair extensions. Human hair extensions can get split ends, can lack moisture, and can get tangled just as real hair does. Down below we share a few of our favorite tips on how to keep your human hair extensions healthy and maintained. If hair is maintained properly & of good quality you may get up to 3 years worth of use off of one purchase of extensions. So make sure to go ahead and give this section a read. You can also head over to our Blog Spot to check out more on this & all things hair !

Rule of all Rules

For those of you who are new to hair extensions there are a few things that are important to know before installing your units. First rule of thumb and the rule of all rules is...Make sure a licensed professional does your install. No matter how good the quality of your extensions or wig unit are, a bad stylist can not only ruin the extensions and the lace of wig units, they can also cause damage to your scalp or skin if not installed properly. It is important to shop around for a stylist. Now we also know there are also those who are handy and do self-installs and that is wonderful but we also have a reminder for you all as well. Storage of hair is super important. So many of us are quick to ball up our hair extensions and throw them in a bag. We always suggest hanging hair in a hair with ventilation and putting a mobile closet and store someplace cool in temperature. If not properly stored hair can start to loose its luster and bounce. This along with proper maintaince can ensure you'll get the longest use possible out of your extensions. 

Proper maintanence

Below you will find how to properly maintain your human hair extensions. 

Before Install

 When your hair first arrives it maybe in the best state you will ever see it in and you maybe inclined to install hair as is...DON'T. It is important to note that when it comes to products and routines that everything is totally up to your personal preferences. However, Most hair comes from a factory or warehouse and many times in these factories the hair maybe sitting for a while. While in these factories hair is exposed to many different agents,(dust, critters, and ground), so it is important to cleanse hair before installation. If you are getting your hair from a store such as ours, often times those stores will boil and was the hair for you so that it is ready to go however it is still important for you to do one time yourself before install. 

During Install

Hair is most neglected once installed. Most feel that the extensions do not have to be taken care of while installed. This is wrong. It is important to maintain not only your hair extensions but your real hair underneath. Hair underneath and the installed hair should both be washed & conditioned regularly. Both the hair extensions and your real hair can get oily which will make your extensions stiff. If you are unsure on the best method for you, then head over to our blog spot and check out what we & others also recommend.


When curling or flat ironing your new hair there are a few care products that are recommended: A Hair Polisher or gloss, Heat Protectant, a weightless shine spray for finish. Using these products consistently helps to, controls frizz, adds shine, smoothes hair, reduces drying time, seals and protects the curl Pattern, softens coarse hair, may imporve elasticity, seals and protects, and locks in moisture. It is important to remember that extensions are just like your real hair. This means that it can get dry, oily, damaged, have split ends and ,may even if not taken care of properly, become tangled. Therefore it is important to always use something to protect your hair especially when using any type of heat. 

Hair Dont's

  1. Do Not Blow dry hair. It is best to always let hair air dry.

  2. Do Not use Sulfate shampoos, as it dries the hair out. It is best to use sulfate free shampoo. 

  3. Do Not try at home coloring techniques. Seek help from a professional.

  4. Do Not Sew through the wefts as it can cause hair to shed. Only sew through ends to secure.

  5. Do Not use heavy oil sheens, hair spray, hair oil. This will weigh down the hair causing stiffness.

  6. Do Not scrub hair, always use fingers or a wide tooth comb.

These hair tips are recommended for all brands of hair extensions not just the GirlsndCurls brand. We hope that you enjoy the use of your new hair and properly ensure the maintenance in order to get the longest use out of your purchase. Maintain that Mane ladies.  



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