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Each month here at GirlsndCurls we review some of the most talked about hair products on the market. We are a company that celebrates both natural and extended hair. No matter what style you decide to rock, it is important to maintain the integrity of your natural hair. Which brings us to our review.!

The Product

This month we are reviewing the eminent Scalp Oil from Spicedsugah. We also bought the conditioning hair tea, although we have not had a chance to try it just yet. Spicedsugah, for those of you who dont know is a Los Angeles based Organic Wellness Product Line. All of these products are made with natural, organic products and materials. We were super excited to try these products and let me tell you that they did not disappoint!!

With amazing scent of rosemary and thyme along with the added "tingling sensation" , we loved this product before we even began to use it. We tried this product for 30 days to see the affects it truly had to our hair. I must say that the results were amazing.

The Results

The very back of my hair has for as long as I can remember, has always been EXTREMELY dry , brittle, short and never seemed to grow. I stand behind that fact that after use of SpicedSugahs' Scalp oil for 30 days my hair is now way softer than ever and I even began to see the growth that I had always been looking for. The very back of my hair has grown almost a full HEALTHY inch, which is more than the area seems to even grow over a year.

I feel that i did myself an injustice by not trying the hair tea as well, letting them both work simultaneously. However we were so impressed by the product that we will be soon looking to service you all with these products as well so stay tuned.!

I know that these results may sound too good to be true but hey dont take our word for it, head on over to and check out their items for yourself. I promise you wont be dissapointed.

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